måndag 9 juli 2012

Crash and burn

I've got a confession to make. I suck at vehicles. I have destroyed about a thousand more vehicles than I have gotten kills with them. The reason is simple - in the beginning, when i sucked at everything, just shooting straight with an assault rifle was hard enough. Vehicles, they were the advanced class. And later, when I had figured the infantry part out, everybody else had gotten really good at driving tanks and flying choppers. So it seemed a waste of a precious commodity to selfishly claim an attack chopper and smashing it to bits. I'd never even consider a Kasatka - plunging half the team into their graves, no way.

I have zero jet kills. Zero. Jets are a bitch to fly. And by bitch I mean they are awesome, but they are not, um, user friendly.

Anyway, this is my new project. Learning to fly. And to do that, I used a throwaway account, I bought the air vehicle shortcut (I deserve some slack, goddammit), I went to empty servers and I flew.

I mean, I crashed horribly.

But after a couple of hours of flying Vipers, Little Birds and Frogfoots, I decided to try it out on a populated server. They were shooting at me there. Not helping at all!

I managed to get a couple of kills with the Little Bird (lovely little machine) and some vehicle destroys.

But I'm not really impressing myself right now. And it's really hard to even get the choppers in the first place. Everybody wants to fly - which was never a problem before, hell, take the death trap away from me, I'd say.

As far as jets go, I managed to get a lock on another jet. Just the lock, I didn't even hit it. I still consider that my greatest achievment in flying.

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