söndag 22 juli 2012

You are forgiven, Battlefield. (But your little badmins are not.)

Three days of stacked teams. Three days of joining servers with 12 shit buckets on the other side while we're stuck with 8 paralyzed and disoriented people sniping (or staring blankly) out of deployment.

And the worst part: Three days of admins kicking me or someone else in my squad the moment we are starting to do well. I get really confused when we go into a server, the other team has all the flags, are leading by 500 tickets and constantly attacking our deployment base. And when we manage so flank, cap a flag or two and rise on the scoreboard, the screen goes black. You've been kicked by an admin. The other day, the winning team with the admin clan in it, kicked almost the whole team we were in. And we never do dickish things.We don't glitch, we don't cheat, we don't break server rules, and with our 100 mbit connection on european servers, we don't lag.

The reason it confuses me is that I don't understand what these people like about the game. They certainly don't seem to enjoy actually playing it. They must do it for the stats I suppose. But they know those stats are fake. And the only place in the world where BF3 stats might seem to matter must be on the BF forums, which only seems to exist for people to be able to stat bash the hell out of each other instead of actually discussing the game.

I have six squad death match losses in a row on battlelog now, and i didn't play a single one of them. All stacked, all admins kicking us. But the ones we actually played, and the ones we won, they were worth it. And I still love you, Battlefield. See you tonight.

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