tisdag 26 februari 2013

The solace of Battlefield

So, I've been really busy at work, because I've got a new job and I've needed to finish up things at the old one. And I've been needing my sleep. Plus, I've been watching the whole Buffy -series, again. And Battlefield just had to go. I've been playing maybe once a week this last month. Which is probably more normal than playing every single night.

But when I do get back in the game, it's the same as always. This is my rush and my comfort.

I don't know if it's ADHD or just my personality, but I have an extreme need for input. I mean I really need to process information at all times, as long as I'm awake, or I get rather anxious and stressed out. I read, watch, listen to everything, all the time. And I get these hangups, like the idea that I should learn everything there is to know about shintoism, or hedgehogs or airplanes or whatever. And then I do, until I lose interest because something else grabbed me. So in a sense I'm often scattered, torn between interests, between different kinds of stimuli. And I'm in many respects a Jack of all trades, master of none. Life is rather loud and colorful to me and I exhaust myself trying to process everything.

But Battlefield is peace and quiet. It gives me input every single microsecond and I don't need to think about anything else. It's like being in the eye of the storm. It excites me by demanding much and makes me strangely calm at the same time. When I play by myself I prefer Close Quarters. The faster, the better. The more input, the calmer I get. The more hectic a game gets, the more I feel relieved of all my stress. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

I suppose it could be a bad thing, like a drug. But if this is a drug it's the perfect one,  because it doesn't make me slow or dull or speeded or psychotic. It doesn't get in the way of other things. So I'm perfectly happy being a BF junkie.

And I guess it's me and the fps:es forever and ever. Can't wait for BF4...and the PS4.

måndag 31 december 2012

So why did I die?

Well, yesterday it seemed once again, that if there is no grenade around, I will run in a random direction and find one. At one time there was a grenade resting gently in the middle of the little plaza by the Seine Crossing C-flag. Me, obviously worrying that the poor grenade would never be able to fulfill its killing destiny, ran all the way up the stairs from the A-flag, straight at it and all but threw myself on it.

The things I will do to make grenades happy...

Welcome back. Not.

After ten days of holiday I returned to the battlefield. First round was a little awkward, I was basically trying to get my aim back, wondering if someone had messed with my sensitivity while I was gone, because it felt way too high. But alas, it was just me. The second round I had my shit together again, and our little clan was doing really well. Well, until we were banned.

Ten days and I had forgotten the depths of admin immaturity.
Now, one question. Why do I have to "accept"? I don't get the option "do not accept" because there is no point in that. I just get simple information: "You have been banned from this server", why can't it just say "close"? Nitpicking, I know. But it annoys me more than being banned. 

lördag 29 december 2012

The Detox and the Writing

It's been Christmas. I've been away and I am still away visiting family far up north in Sweden, eating incredible amounts of food, playing with the kids and freezing my fingers and toes off. And I haven't been playing for a little more than a week. But of course I could not go a week without thinking of the battlefield, so when I had the chance to write something for this swedish gaming blog that I really, really like, I wrote about Battlefield and gaming as female. Duh.

For you swedes, my guest column is at http://www.svampriket.se/2012/12/2012-att-vinna-ar-att-vara-en-man/. (Och om ni inte redan gör det, följ svampriket.se, det är verkligen Sveriges mysigaste spelblogg.)

For you non-swedes, I'm sorry, but google translate will torture and murder our language, please do not visit such horror on my little piece of writing.

I estimate my return to Battlefield to take place on New Year's day, and by then I will probably get motion sickness just trying to move.

torsdag 20 december 2012

I need a word!

I need to find a word that describes a very very bad surprise, which isn't really a surprise because you've encountered it countless times before but you still don't really expect it because you can't expect it every single time, so it still happens because you only kinda, half-knew it. A seriously bad non-surprise. That you hate.

Like C4 on flags in domination.

We could rename that mode C4 mode.

But I still need a word for that kind of really bad non-surprise.

tisdag 18 december 2012

Playing tag

I'd forgotten how much fun it is to knife people! We were at a TDM at Noshar Canals and I got a couple of knife kills, decided that I should try to get myself a melee ribbon - I very rarely get those since I usually forget my knife - and i ended up with 16 knife kills. I laughed the whole game through, and it was just great fun, giving me a little challenge in that kind of chaos.

I will definitely be doing that again, so watch your backs :)

söndag 16 december 2012

Still sniping. Still dying.

Thing is, I am beginning to realise that one kill with a bolt action sniper rifle is easily as rewarding as 10 assault rifle kills. The satisfation of nailing that headshot with one perfect bullet (particularly if the recipient of said bullet is running or jumping) just cannot compare to mowing people down while running and gunning.

I just wish I was better at it. But then again, I once sucked at all things BF3 and now i don't.