onsdag 24 oktober 2012

Guns too are people

I just like the names and nicknames. I like the sound of "AS VAL", especially if you don't read it as A.S, but as one word. It sounds like an alien planet, or the royal guard in some fantasy setting. It is a rigid, strong name, but with a tinge of the exotic.

If As Val was a person she would be someone with a strong will and high standards - but an odd set of morals and values.

"Pecheneg" - now thats a name with a lot of character. It has a dirtier sound, more worn. More stubborn, like a bloody nose and a cracked tooth. Someone named Pecheneg must be someone who never ever gives up, someone who walks fifty miles across the desert and then runs for another ten. You wouldn't be able to reason with Pecheneg, because he just won't listen.

Now the AN-94 is called "Abakan". Just listen to that - Abakan. Abakan is a wizard, one of a kind, a trickster, a sarcastic scientist with a wicked smile. I think he would be kinda sexy too.

Famas is a romantic and a poet. Scar is a woman who would freeze you with her stare.

I think I have all the people I need for a novel.

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