lördag 20 oktober 2012

I will judge you

I am an open minded person. By that, I mean basically two things: First, I am more than fairly tolerant and accepting in regards to people's behaviours and backgrounds.

Second, I can change my opinion if I have cause to do so. If you first come off as a jerk, I will give you a second chance. If I don't agree with your opinion, you might convince me. I say might.

However, if you send me stupid messages, I will judge you.

I will judge you.

If you're going to send me messages and ask me to play, wondering what I'm doing away from BF3, please don't phrase it like this:

"this game needs some sexy"

"wish u were here with me"

"naaaawww, come on my blonde nurse, just one game?"

"make it hot in here"'

Two strikes and you are out. Do not presume that I have any sexual/romantic interest in you. Do not send messages to me of a kind that you would not send to any other male BF-buddy. It actually makes me sad and angry, because when you do that, you are telling me that the main or only reason you are playing with me is not because I'm fun to play with, that I perform well or that we generally get along, but because I have tits and you are fantasizing about me and making stuff up in your head about me.

If I know you well enough, I don't mind a little banter, and my jokes can be as dirty as anyone's - but if you had bothered to find anything out about me you'd know that:

1)  I think it is ridiculous to try and pick up girls through BF3, and if you try you must be very lonely - which is not my problem, so don't make it my problem. Focus on the game and PTFO. That goes between rounds too. I'm not going to go from "shit, there's only nine more tickets left!" to "sure, big boy, sex me up"

2) : If I want to flirt or if I'm in the mood for some dirty talk, the person I'm interested in doing that with will know. I assure you. I would make your head spin.

 If you can't understand and respect that a woman gets bothered and annoyed at the constant barrage of what social misfits would mistake for flirting, and you somehow think you are very special and you're the only one who came up with the idea sending these kinds of messages, think again. I'm in a shit storm of sometimes rather creepy sexual attention that I didn't ask for by being born with a high pitched voice and a taste for gaming. If you like to jack off to the fantasy of a gamer chick, by all means do, but don't fucking inform me about it.

Now fuck off.

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