lördag 29 december 2012

The Detox and the Writing

It's been Christmas. I've been away and I am still away visiting family far up north in Sweden, eating incredible amounts of food, playing with the kids and freezing my fingers and toes off. And I haven't been playing for a little more than a week. But of course I could not go a week without thinking of the battlefield, so when I had the chance to write something for this swedish gaming blog that I really, really like, I wrote about Battlefield and gaming as female. Duh.

For you swedes, my guest column is at http://www.svampriket.se/2012/12/2012-att-vinna-ar-att-vara-en-man/. (Och om ni inte redan gör det, följ svampriket.se, det är verkligen Sveriges mysigaste spelblogg.)

For you non-swedes, I'm sorry, but google translate will torture and murder our language, please do not visit such horror on my little piece of writing.

I estimate my return to Battlefield to take place on New Year's day, and by then I will probably get motion sickness just trying to move.

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