fredag 8 juni 2012

Come closer, give me more

I am now a premium player. It cost me 500 SEK, but I am now a little more prime, a little more exclusive. Was it worth it? Yes. If you are going to get all the expansions, which I know I will, going premium will actually save you some money. Plus you get early access. So really it’s a no brainer. Will it give me more Battlefield? Yes. Very well, take my money, DICE.
And at the same time as I became a premium player and my menu guy started to glow like he just swallowed a radio active Jesus,  I also got access to Close Quarters. So I should have been happily skipping around the Ziba Tower wielding my pretty, new combat knife, but alas, this launch coincided with terrible job stress, concert tickets, the Prometheus premiere, a visit from mom etc and etc. So I haven’t played that much.
From the time I have spent in close quarters I can say this much: first time I spawned into the Donya Fortress I loved it. I spent the whole round just: “ilovethisilovethis”.  It’s tight, winding, full of little rooms and corners and corridors and holes in the ground and holes in the floors. And it flows. You never need to stop and you can flank everybody anywhere.  It gets a bit frantic, not what I’m used to, and it doesn’t really set the stage for tactical, careful gameplay. But it’s another flavor of battlefield, another side to its personality, and I find the tight, vertical gameplay incredibly entertaining. I just wish there were room for 24 players so you could seamlessly put it in a mixed map rotation, because I think it would be at its best as an upbeat release after a slower, dead serious Kharg Island or Firestorm.
And also, the maps are gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
I haven’t unlocked much of the weapons, but my first one was the AUG, which I’ve been interested in trying out since the trailer, and my god is it a great weapon! A bit slow for very close combat, but it’s crazy accurate, I mean crazy. Where you aim, it will hit. It has virtually no recoil. You can mag dump, it will not move. Plus, it’s a bullpup so it moves fast sideways even ADS. I will spend many hours cradling that baby. 

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