lördag 9 juni 2012

Rape metaphores

I hate them. Could you please stop using "rape" as a synonym for crushing superiority? I guess most of you use it out of habit and as part of the jargon, and you will say it does not mean anything, and that it isn't an expression of hatred or contempt against women, and that it doesn't even have anything to do with women. It's just words, just a game.

But you are mostly male. You have the luxury of living in a world where you are not the ones defined as rapable (although you are sometimes raped too), and where rape isn't a constantly present threat that you are supposed to adjust your lives to. You are not making decisions every day that takes rape into account, when walking to your car, when a strange man approaches you, when your boyfriend comes home.

And the most important thing: every sixth woman has been raped, many more have been subjected to sexual violence, even more have experienced seriously rape threatening situations. So when you say you raped someone in the game, you are most likely saying it to someone who has been raped or has a girlfriend, friend, sister, mother who has been raped. And you just labelled the perpetrator as a "winner".

How a person chooses to express him- or herself is always an individual choice, and you can choose to think that your own interpretation takes precedence and that 1) other people should understand how and what you really mean or 2) no one should fucking tell me how to speak because I say what the fuck I want and if people have a problem with that they are too fucking sensitive and that's their problem. Or 3) "I know a girl/I am a girl and she/I have absolutely NO problem with this, so if anyone else has, they are being RIDICULOUS.

Or you could just follow the main rule: Don't be a dick.

In any case, don't just throw the word around without a thought. It is not trivial.

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