onsdag 20 juni 2012

Sister machine gun

I haven't been blogging much lately. That is partly because of, well, summer. And various obligations. But I have been busy on the Battlefield. I decided, much on a whim, to start a new "character". Soldier. Whatever you call them, I don't know. Anyway, I do have more than one account on my PS3, and that is about what you need.

Besides my illuminatia-account, I have my "Shaktie"-account ("shakti" being the ultimate divine feminine power or force streaming through the universe in hindu tradition - well you gotta have aspirations!), which I have occasionally used in Battlefield to test things out and fooling around with stupid ideas, and as a sub-account to Shakti I have had the "sistermachinegun"-account, which I have rarely or ever used for anything. I created it years ago just because I liked the sound of it, it is taken from an essay where the author says we humans are "placing our faith in sister machine gun, brother bomb" (it is also the name of a band which I do not listen to). And now I thought, what could be a better gamertag for a soldier than that?

So I dusted sistermachinegun off, and off she went. All iron sights and no gadgets. A measly rank 0 incapable of even placing a claymore. I missed my AEK badly, and kept pressing right as an engineer only to get reminded that I have no mines. No mines, no claymores, no C4, no SOFLAM, no MAV no NOTHING. But what I had was fun. Since I have everything unlocked if I want to on my illuminatia account, and I have all the ribbons and thousands of flag caps and kills, nothing really meant anything with sistermachinegun except playing, and trying to manage with what I got. She is currently at rank 43 and I have my golden leaf. It's a start.

And this is interesting to me. My stats when I'm doing it from scratch. Remembering my awful, AWFUL beginnings and how I was constantly disoriented and dyingdyingdying, I look at my stats now and they are decent. Really. I have a kdr of 1,15 and an spm of 749. 749! How about that? I'm kinda proud.

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