fredag 3 augusti 2012

Being a woman who loves BF3 means....part 3

Now I really like the social aspect of online gaming, and I've met a lot of really fun and interesting people while playing BF3. Playing by oneself is just not as fun as going together. I've also run into some annoying idiots and assholes, as have we all. But when you are a woman there is a extra dimension to the annoyance, and I will try to list what annoys me the most right now,  and why.

1. "You are so beautiful, girls who game are sooo hot!"
I don't remember asking for your opinion of my fuckability, so don't share. You probably mean well (and now I'm probably giving you way more credit than you deserve), but think about it, please. Women spend their entire lives being constantly graded for their looks and are expected at all times to serve as decor. I'm here to play a game, let me have my time off.

2. "It's so nice to see a girl who takes gaming seriously, there are so many fake attention whore girl posers acting like they are all special because they play cod"
Yeah, we're doing this for you. It's all for you. Without male approval, we wither and die. I am so thankful that you, Random Boy Gamer, are willing to bestow upon me my Gamer Certificate. And your willingness to stereotype and bash other female players is very comforting to me and makes me feel special.

3. "Are you really a girl?"
No, I can assure you I am not. Haven't been one since I lost the pigtails, grew boobs and got a job. Are you really a boy?

4. "Make me a sandwich! Haha I'm just kidding."
No you are not. You are a tiresome coward who wants to have an outlet for your misogyny and get away with it, and you can not possibly offer anything of interest in a social setting, seeing that you can't even try to be creative or show some backbone when you are insulting people.

All you guys from 1-4: you are annoying me and I know can't get rid of you. I just have to wait until you learn to behave, or until you die out and leave only the more evolved specimens here. Problem is I'm not a patient woman, as my sniping stats will clearly tell you, and you are incredibly slow to learn. I have hope though.

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  1. I PLAY BF series from bf2 and i have all series for pc and ps3;)so i Love this game too:))we have agroup about ps3 its ps3+30 means people who PLAY ps3 over 30 tears old;))we have 2 women player like you one of them has a girl too and other one has a jop that about web design and i just want to say you are not alone:))and good luck in game also dont care about the bastards who say U cant PLAY cause our women players better than me and someothers of us;))

  2. Oh I know women can game. Or rather, some women can, just like some men. I've been in rounds where the top five players were the five women in the round, and the worst BF3-player I ever saw was a man. (I didn't even think a 0,1 kd ratio was possible until I saw it). And then again, some women suck too. It's just personal aptitude.

    I think many women think like I did - that this game was not made for us, that we are not welcome. And unfortunately, it is not a faulty assumption. But that does not make the game in it self less fun. And I have never loved a game like I love BF3, never played a game this much. So I'll just live with the woman hating cockbags in the forums and take comfort in the fact that BF3 is the only place where I am allowed to shoot idiots in the head.

  3. I want BF female avatars, that would make a nice change. I am liking your blog, you're obsessed! A bit like me; I love BF, Fallout, COD, and that other one that was like COD. I am a female PC gamer, i smirk at console players ( children). Very Happy gamer now I have my MTAR, though my accuracy is pretty crap at 8.4%, but then again I am not using rocket launchers to kill people, and i've only been playing since 1996. Smirk.

  4. Haha, I like that you like that I'm obsessed... My OCD gets positive reinforcement. And yes, the M-TAR is an absolute joy.