söndag 20 maj 2012

Best loadout ever?

If I really, really cared about my stats I would've had nightmares last night. Instead I dreamed of Mario Kart with EOD-bots. We started playing at around 19:30 yesterday (that's 7.30 PM), and had a couple of rounds, doing so so, you know, win some, lose some. Spent way too much time on Kharg Island. It was me, deadie, Geefat, Treton04 and Gruby_Dupek. Vatreni007 and his clan joined in for a while and we just didn't have enough room for everybody in the squad. 4 slots is not a lot, really.

It was a fun night of BF3 and I didn't want to quit, although it was getting really late and my accuracy was, um, no longer accurate. At about 02:00 it was just me, deadie and Geefat left, and that's when we had the idea we never would have had five hours earlier. We started to choose some seriously stupid loadouts for each other.

We started off using only the EOD-bots. Three EOD-bots in a row just racing down the streets of Seine Crossing, crashing, jumping, twisting around the feet of the enemy. They must have been terrified, with the WALL-E squad chasing them. I actually managed to arm an M-com, so I did something useful. But I went 2-12 that round, half of those deaths being suicides just to get myself a new WALL-E.

The next round we chose the USAS-12 for Metro. I know what you're thinking. Shotguns on Metro=killing spree. But we put 7x scopes on them. And flechette rounds. No hipfire. Good luck. A while into the round we were all lying down, camping the same corner looking down the same corridor. All we could see was the tile pattens on the walls. And then deadie tells us they are coming from behind.

Next loadout, and once again we're on Metro, is the SKS with IRNV and soflams. We put soflams everywhere. It was actually not that stupid, because they will blind players, and are easily mistaken for laser sights so they turned out to be rather decent decoys. But a sniper rifle with a scope that will not work past 30 meters - 10 meters in daylight - I laughed myself to tears.
I think it cost me 30 deaths. But oddly enough I didn't care too much. Usually I will curse my tongue black if I have just one minus kill, but I had insane amounts of fun, and I guess that is the point of the game anyway.

And I wonder what those people we actually managed to gun down were thinking when they saw our loadouts on the killcam. 7x scope och flechette? They must be total idiots.


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