lördag 5 maj 2012

Being a woman who loves BF3 means...

...getting a squad mate who runs across the whole map to throw himself into the crossfire at the Grand Bazaar alleyway to "protect" you. As if  your assault avatar was somehow more vulnerable and weak than the others - and even though you currently outscore him by 2000 points and 8 kills. (Dude, you are blocking my view! And what the hell were you doing on the other side of the map earlier, anyway?)
Then you will hear that same person calling everyone bitches and pussies and whores, as if being labelled as "female" is the worst thing you could do to someone.

Now, if you are using "whore" as an insult and offer to "rape" people, I will assume you hate women. I'm sorry, but I have learned it is better to err on the side of caution in these matters. And here's a tip: If you happen to find a lady in your team, try to remember that this game does not offer points for medieval behaviour, which you can later trade in for boobs IRL. And if you happen to come across a woman in the opposite team, just behave like a normal person and gun her down.

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