torsdag 31 maj 2012

FAMAS the Avenger

Update from DICE regarding the stat tracking problem. Appearently if someone - any player in a round, not just you - uses the FAMAS, it interrupts stat tracking for everybody on that server. 

It's easily the sickest bug so far. Now the trolls don't have to settle for pulling out the M26, doing 408 damage per shot, they can also rock the FAMAS and shut down the stat tracking for everyone.

I find it amusing though, in an ironic kind of way, thinking that the FAMAS now is visiting its revenge on us for the crippling nerf it got last patch. That weapon has gone from OP to UP and now its glitched?! Some french gun god is not pleased with the BF3 community and has decided to destroy us all.

Bow before me, puny players.

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