söndag 9 december 2012

Going gold

I'm now a colonel100. I reached shit bucket status yesterday and I now rock the golden tags that bears testimony to my obsession. I would have gotten there sooner, if I hadn't made my sistermachinegun account a colonel 20 in a parallell battlefield universe. And I'm kinda happy about having her - sistermachinegun is my retirement plan or something like it.

Because what now? I just go on? No more promotions? No more stars or eagles in ever shinier colours?

I feel so empty now.

But golden still.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Found your blog when i was checking your battlelog profile, normally i check out people who perform well on the battlefield, and you kicked my ass on Oman :)

    Anyway I think it is interesting to read about your thoughts and experiences on the battlefield. Especially how people react when they find out you are a woman :)

    After I got the golden eagle i started to go for all the weapon dogtags, and later i want the assault 100 servicestar. And I love new assignments. So there is still plenty of goals.


  2. Well thanks for reading :) And yeah, there are always things to achieve, so maybe that's what's next, getting all the weapon dogtags. It's a challenge though, there are guns I just hate. I mean, the Type 88, who thought that shit up? Maybe is me who can't handle the thing but I do just fine with the M240B or the Pecheneg.

    Add me on psn if you like, we are a nice buch of people to play with if you want company :)