lördag 15 december 2012

The importance of wanting to win. And spawn beacons.

Yesterday, me and Geefat joined a round where we were down by about 700 tickets, and trapped in our base. It was Metro, we were US and the other team were just spawn killing us down in the tunnels. They had hardly lost a ticket - the score was about 1500 -800, in their favour. A hopeless game.

So I went as recon with a M5K and an xbow with scan bolts. I scanned the tunnel ahead of me to be able to flank as safely as possible, and I got through to A where I put up a spawn beacon as well hidden as I could though I was in a hurry. And then we took A. We were joined by HydrothaBlaster so there were three of us in the squad and we just continued to harass A.

Everytime I died I just spawned back to A and put a spawn beacon up again. Geefat and Hydro contined to spawn in at A, cleaning out the opposition, and sometimes went pushing for B and C, killing people off and capping, while I stayed at A at all times, forcing the other team to constantly split up and deal with me.

Even if I was alone I could still cap the flag, so they had to have people at A at all times. And still we took that flag over and over. And of course, by doing so, our team got a chance to take both C and B. Which they did. They didn't give up, they didn't settle for sniping out of our deployment. They wanted to win and they went on a rampage. The top two guys in our team ended up with 167 and 174 kills.

And the enemy was suddenly constantly on the bleed. They could not hold on to their closest base and were stuck mostly with B, where they died and died, while the bleed just counted down their tickets.

I sometimes had more than a whole squad of enemies busy chasing only me. Which is a waste of resources on their side, but if they don't, well, then our team keeps A, they have enemies coming at them from both sides and the bleed won't stop. And they killed me over and over, but I killed them a little more, and I came right back. I can't imagine their frustration not being able to leave A without seeing it start to blink again.

We won. We won by 152 tickets.

Thing is, I finished 10th in my team scorewise, kd 65-42, but I felt incredilby satisfied because I knew that I was essential in turning that game around. And more than I ever felt when I get the MVP-ribbon, I felt like a valuable player. We freaking won.

Good game. Good game.

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