fredag 14 december 2012

Sniping 101

I am trying to learn how to handle bolt action sniper rifles. They are a bitch! And by bitch, as usual, I mean they are awesome but not particularly user friendly.

Since I'll never be the kind of player who patiently waits on a rooftop for someone to saunter by, and maybe get ten kills if I'm lucky and many travel that route, I slapped an ACOG on a M40A5 and went medium distance agressive sniping.

By that I mean I first ran around with the iron sights on the thing to even unlock the god damned ACOG, since I had zero kills with the M40A5 before embarking on this little adventure. I am just not a natural sniper.

Target aquiring is hard. Positioning yourself is hard. Switching to pistol if the first shot fails to kill is not so hard, but often results in me getting killed. The hardest part is not to be the first one running for the flag. I always, always go for the objective, it's hard wired into my brain. I see that orange diamond and i have to go. I have to. Pulling back and trying to protect your team mates from a defensive position is just a totally different playing style.

I am dying a lot now. I'm starting to feél all noobish again.

But I will frakking learn how to do this.

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