söndag 9 december 2012

Trouble reading?

Yesterday I kicked and then banned a guy on my team for repeatedly putting C4 on the flags despite that being the only rule on my server - do not C4 the flags. Don't do it. Because it's a cheap tactic that empties servers like no other weapon or tactic can ever do. I don't like rules, but I have found that when people start dying on flags from C4, they leave. And I want people to have a good time on my server.

Anyway. I got the usual whining message sent to me. This time it was "fucking pussy wanker". So I replied that the rule is no C4 on flags and he actually had the benefit of being warned first. Then he replied that he didn't put the C4 ON the flag, he put it BY the flag. (For an example, he had put it all over the bar desk by A at Operation 925.)

I found this hilarious. What, in his mind you can't put the C4 on the flagpole? On the fabric of the actual flag? I told him that he put it in the fuckin flag cap zone every time, and urged him to think this through.

He answered "Pussy. Think about that"

So I said since I'm a woman, I kinda like having a pussy but don't think much about it. Unlike him who seems to think about it a lot but probably don't have any.

So as always, we go from annoyance to insults and end in the eternal question of The Pussy. Be one, have one, want it... But use it as an insult, and you fail. Because, well - "having balls" as a metaphor for being tough is stupid. They are the most unpractical and sensitive body parts ever made. No, as someone once said, it's the pussy that can take a pounding.

Think about that.

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