lördag 21 april 2012

Ammo b4 revive please

Ran around Metro with zero ammo for my AEK an three bullets in my G18. Was desperately looking for an ammo pack or another kit to pick up. I knifed my way through, and every time I died I was revived. And I can never deny a revive, it feels like giving up. Finally I found a kit - a recon kit with a 12x scope. On Metro! No mystery as to why he was lying dead next to the flag....Anyway, we won, and I ended up fifth, 27-6, got one of my beloved combat efficiency ribbons, but really felt I could have done more for the team if support people got that when they hear "Ammo, ammo, I need some fucking ammo!", it is NOT the game randomly adding to the atmosphere of desperation. I mean how hard could it possibly be to push the left button?

Once I chased a support guy from one end of the map to another - "Ammo! Ammo!" Revived him three times - "I need some fucking ammo!" - and I thought that sooner or later he will at least drop one for himself. Did he? No. He was runnig an M249 with extended magazine so why bother?

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