torsdag 19 april 2012

Learning curve

I love bf3stats and their graph over how your performance has changed over time, and what has happened between every update. The numbers geek in me gets all giggly from all the statistics.

A strange thing I noticed about my stats there though, is what happened on the 14 of march. Before the 14th, everything went steadily up, in a predictable pace - kdr, kpm, spm, w/l... But on the 14th, every curve makes a sharp turn upwards. It' ridiculous - EVERYTHING goes up. Except for my win/lose ratio, which has some kind of hickup, makes a little bump and then starts to go down.
I've been thinking like crazy about what it could be, and my guess is that that was when I started to use the AN-94.

Now the AN-94 is a very special weapon. It requires a certain tactic and you need to use it almost like a sniper rifle, and be very controlled in CQB. Which meant I had to change my playing style and think differently. Keep my distance, Place myself smarter. And when I changed bak to my beloved AEK, I must have learnt something that I kept.
Unfortunately I dropped a bit of the stat I was most proud of - my objective SPM, which up to that point had been in the top 2 % globally.

Ah... you win some, you lose some.

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