måndag 9 april 2012

Freezing to death

 Today's goals:
1. Aiming for the head and not constantly shooting people in the ass or crotch. 
2. Not to run around corners. Do. Not. Run. Around. Corners.

Goals accomplished:
1. Well. Not quite there. Got some headshots, but mostly thanks to the recoil. My aim seems to be at crotch level by default. And I understand that this will probably not be in any patch note soon, but: shouldn't the crotch get the same 2.0 multiplier as the head? 
2. Went 25-25 on Seine Crossing. Died 11 times by corners,so what do you think? Stupid fucking maps, nerf the corners I say. 

Ribbons I am proud of: 
- Two Nemesis ribbons on Metro. I never get those, I am extatic.  (And to all you guys running into me and trying to hide in corners - thank you so much for dying so much, who ever you were) 

- A Combat efficiency on Grand Bazaar. I never get those either. If I'm doing well and get a bunch of kills before I die, I don't even have to look: I know it was seven kills. I'm the Battlefield Sisyphos stuck on a 7 killstreak. Its infuriating. 

I actually got 2 combat efficiency ribbons today. But my PS3 froze twice in the same round. The first time was okay, I had barely joined the server. So I just restarted and rejoined. And I was on fire. After only a few minutes I had two flag caps, a million revives and a 16/5 ratio going on 100/5 the way it felt. Until. Until I got my combat efficiency ribbon and almost another one. Then it froze again. 

Is crying over lost ribbons more ok if you're a girl? Or does being female mean that you have to be even tougher not to seem like a real girlygirl. And is there anything wrong in that?  Is the only legitimate reaction to just break your controller in a mighty display of rage? 

I need an answer because I can feel a bellowing, snotty-nosed, hick-uppy kind of cry burning behind my eyes ready to blow like c4 behind my  m-coms.

And do not tell me it's just a game. It is NOT JUST A GAME. It has been my only hobby since november. I have seen exactly 4 movies, wrote 0 short stories or poems, played 0 piano, seen 3 friends in real life and bothered with  0 other games. The only reason I have listened to music is because I can do that on my way to work, and I have to go to work. 

Please DICE, fix this, I am freezing to death. The Karkand maps are like the north pole, don't even bother playing Gulf of Oman.  And I'm a grown woman, I cant cry over this. But hell, I almost did. 

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