torsdag 26 april 2012

Social gaming

One thing I always liked about my illuminatia psn-handle was that illuminatia didn't have any psn-friends. Had. Battlefield has ruined that for me, Or, ruined...changed.

I never played to socialize. My gaming world has been private. My own personal adventures. When I found a secret cave in Zelda, it was there for only me. When I met my first zombie I was alone. And Valen Shadowbreath has never loved anyone but me. The only person I've really gamed with is deadie. And that was how we spent time together when we first met and lived in different cities - we played Dungeon Siege co-op online during the week, and took turns with the controller in FFXII on weekends. And I had no interest in playing more socially. I just did not understand what interacting with random strangers would have to offer me.
And along came Battlefield 3. Squad up! I was suddenly thrown into a situation where I had to communicate and co-operate with random people chosen for me by the game.I was hoorahed by strangers and friend requested by squad mates I kept alive on Tehran Highway. My friend list is growing and I am actually having fun. Today I played with a croatian guy - Vatreni007 has hoorahed me for weeks on Battlelog, so I played with him for a while. He seemed like an ok fellow, an it was interesting to play with him, since he chose different routes than the ones I usually take...
When you play like this, you know very little about each other. I don't know who you are, how you live, where you stand on politics or religion (unless your gamertag is JezusZaves99) - all I know is is if you can play, if you can cap a flag and hold it, if you try to help your team, if you are respectful. And that is enough. I suppose on a regular night I can play with construction workers, feminists, engineers, kindergarten teachers, red cross doctors, nazis, bakers, dyslectics, garden enthusiasts, rapists, cat lovers, social workers or terrorists (didn't Breivik play CoD?). And I can't know any of that.

I only know if you will throw me a med kit when I'm down to 5% health.

There is beauty in that. There is a strange hope for humanity in a game where we are shooting each other.

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