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Noob questions, part 3: It's a legitimate strategy. Kinda.

Ok. I'm new to this whole fps thing, but after 200 hours on this game and some hours spent reading this forum I think I'm starting to form an idea of what it's about. You start out with the game. The game is so awesome it has millions of players and is converting action/rpg-gamers like me into manic fans. This is all good. But then it seems that there are a whole lot of things that this bf3/fps-culture expects and assumes that I find confusing. It seems that as a player, you are not supposed to play in certain ways, even if there is no cheating involved.

Seems for example if you don't constantly run around, you are "camping". This "camping"-thing is obviously a big deal, but I don't understand. If I stay in one place someone is going to find me and kill me - that would be bad for me, right? And if you are defending or capturing a flag you kinda have to stay put and survive as long as possible. This is what I expect the other team to do, find any way to survive and defend, and I try to kill the ones running and find the ones hiding. So why is this camping thing such a big deal? How come "camper" is probably the single most used insult? And snipers, are they supposed to run around like this too? Or are you not supposed to use the sniper rifles, or at least not to snipe?

Speaking of snipers, are we supposed to hate them? We are, aren't we? They are not playing the objective, they are not capping flags, getting kills, being useful. But if someone likes to snipe, shouldnt they do it? I figure that I didn't buy their game, I bought mine and no one gets a say in how I spend my time, so why would I have a say in how others play? I rarely play as recon. But I know that the enemies will not spot themselves and no chocolate or roses makes me as happy as a SOFLAM. And what do you do when a sniper bullet whistles past your ear? You run, or you hide, or you try to figure out where it came from, you lose your focus. The sniper might not get you, but he has you preoccupied.

As far as I understand, this game is team based and competitive. I get that you will want your team to play a certain way, you want to coordinate, you want to cooperate. But I wonder: why are people complaining about how the OTHER team is playing? I'm learning new concepts here: spawn rape, base rape (there are so many metaphores for sexual violence in this culture, I'll have to write a post about it.) Isn't that the goal of he game? If I spawn on a claymore, doenst that mean that an opponent was smart enough to block the spawn points? Shouldnt I, or my team, have taken the claymore out, or alerted eachotherto the claymore, snuck past it or just never let the enemy by to plant claymores on the spawn points in the first place? Or is there, again, some cultural nuance I'm missing here?

And why are you not supposed to certain guns, even though they are put in there by the devs as a part of the game? You are supposed to understand which guns annoy people and then not use them. Which flies in the face of the main goal of the game being to annoy and obliterate the other team. I don't get it.

I joined a server yesterday and got the message "baserape=BAN" and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with that information. I personally find it tedious to shoot people spawn trapped out of combat zone, it kills the game and nobodys really getting points or having fun. I generally will pull back if there are many tickets left. But as a rule it is useless. If my team has all the flags, exactly how close to enemy deployment am I allowed? One meter? 20 ? Can I aim in that general direction? Can I chase a guy until he's by the flag and then knife him? Am ai allowed to defend the flag closest to the enemy? To trap the other team, prevent them from getting flags and arming m-coms and then win the round is the goal of the game. Uneven teams are no fun, but instead of making stupid rules, rebalance the teams.

I'm thinking, if you run into a strategy or a gun that seems superior, use your brain. I am certainly no better than average as a player, but even I can think of a counter tactic for most situations without whining and calling for a ban or nerf to everything that is killing me (i.e better players).

Dying is learning. If you want to learn.

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