lördag 14 april 2012

About ratio..

This game is not about kdr, there is so much more depth to it. But its one of the interesting stats. I will never have a decent kdr. I have accepted this. What you see on Battlelog is the total ratio - and believe me, it was a terrible sight in november. After a few weeks of playing I had 973 kills and 2561 deaths, earning me a ratio of 0.38.

I was still rather satisfied with this. 973 kills, fuck yeah! That is 973 ENEMY KILLED 100. 973 injections for my ego. 973 times that someone has seen illuminatia[Scar-H]xxxxxxxx and had to respawn.

But on the whole, 0,38 is not that great. It means I spent way too much time watching my pathetic, bloody hand, fade to black, over and out. And the shame. The shame of being the sinker at the bottom of the scoreboard. There's illuminatia. Check her out.

A ratio of 0,38 says so many other things too. Example: you discover someone standing in the river on Caspian Border. What is he doing? Nothing, as far as you can tell. Is he waiting for something? Getting rid of his tags, maybe? Is he afk cause his cat just fell out the window? No. That is illuminatia with a kdr of 0,38 and she's not sure where she is, but when she looked around she realized how beautifully the sun falls through the foliage and she kinda forgot herself. Free kill, you are welcome.

Or the guy running in circles across the yard of the Seine Crossing C-flag. When you shoot at him he changes weapon twice, throws a grenade and then throws himself on top of it. What the hell was he thinking? I can answer that. Illuminatia with a kdr of 0,38 has realized someone is burning the flag, but she has no idea where you are. She's nervous but sees no-one anywhere. Suddenly you fired your gun and she pushed all her buttons at the same time and when a grenade popped out she got so stressed that her right analogue was pushed in just in time to give her a grenade pillow. Free kill, you can thank me later.

And even if I would have a plus ratio every game now, which I mostly have, actually - and sometimes by a lot :) - it will still take months to get the ratio up when you are well over 4000 kills "in debt". It is a slow process, one good round at a time.

And still I die like an idiot, cause it's the only way you die. Being an idiot. Today I died because some guy was camping the corner of the Seine Crossing D-flag stairs, throwing c4 one by one. I died. And went back there. The thought "c4=support class=unlimited c4" never hit me on my way back to those stairs.

Idiots die.

Then I died because I get eager like a border collie when I see 5 people in a staircase and they all have their backs turned to me. Awesome, you are thinking. But I get so excited I miss them all and I die. Probably from a heart attack. And 5 kill assists does not a ratio make. It does make me an idiot, though.

EDIT: sometimes one dies because it's april, nordic spring, and the constant light outside keeps you from seeing shit on your screen. It is of course a valid point to make, that if you do not adjust your light conditions, you are an idiot.

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