onsdag 11 april 2012

Noob questions part 2. The democratic republic?

A game like this, is it like survivor? I kinda get the impression that an important part of the interaction between players on forums and the like, is to vote off parts of the game until just one weapon/map/game mode/whatever is left. To demand the removal or diminishing of all game elements which are not a basic corridor or a standard weapon seems to be expected behavior. I first noticed how people hated the IRNV. That was first to go. Then people hated frag rounds and wanted them gone. So they were next to go. This far I have heard people wanting to get rid of: snipers, flares, USAS, campers, conquest game mode, FAMAS, stealth, trees, stingers/iglas, the sun!, suppression, Caspian Border, revivals, thermal optics, Operation Metro, large areas and long roads, small areas and choke points, conquest assault, knife animations, shotguns… I know I am forgetting stuff here.

The only thing people agreed on wanting was working voip. I suppose that was because it wasn’t in the game.

What I want to know is: does this work in any way like a democracy? Or is it more like when siblings fight and they want the parents (devs) to take sides? And who gets to vote? Nobody asked me, the noob, whether I love this game just the way it is, with the glaring sun sifting through the leaves on Caspian Border, the snipers on the hills and the faint beep of a T-UGS. Because I do. I love it so much it’s embarrassing. But my kdr sucks, so who am I to speak?

I’m thinking about how I used to be in relationships when I was younger and really stupid, how I fell in love with someone and then started to try and change everything about him into what I thought I wanted. Until there was nothing left but whining, a sinking feeling and a tragic end.

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