onsdag 11 april 2012

The Hunt

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m chasing. A better ratio. A flag. My pride. Today, I chased a guy from B to C on Seine Crossing like he was the last guy on earth.

Sometimes, it feels like a job. Run to A. Clear out enemies. Cap A. Run to B. Repeat. On to C. Start over.

But there will always be surprises. In this game you have to adapt. Maybe you had a plan, but then two tanks rolled out of enemy deployment and you need to handle it. And you still need to think a few steps ahead. Where are those tanks going? Where will the enemy spawn? If they cap D, what line needs to be held? One guy always means four. One squad can turn everything around.

The Battlefield changes but stays the same.

Hunting headshots, hunting mvp-ribbons, hunting one guy like he's the last guy on earth.

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