lördag 21 april 2012

There's a party in the ticket hall

I don't drink too often. Or that much. Once, when my boyfriend and I were buying some beer to bring to the Arvika music festival, we didn't know where the liquor store was. But last night I was at a party at a good friends house. I had a great time and loads of fun, as is often the case when one combines lots of wigs with lots of alcohol. Still, I was home before midnight. I had had some wine, I was giggly and a little wobbly. And I decided to play a little. As you can tell, my judgement was somewhat impaired too.
Here we go.

Noshahr Canals.
I have severe tunnel vision and everything except the red dot in my sight is very blurred.
I can't hit the broad side of a barn. No, really, it's not just a saying -  I literally can not hit the broad side of the magazine by the docks.
I am writing strange messages to my team mates.
I have a vague feeling that soon, I will feel a bit ashamed.
I don't really care.

I'm noticing that I do some things automatically, like reloading, checking the mini map, taking cover (but I can't really GET to the cover because I'm disoriented). But the overall perception of the game, Jesus. Are we RU or US? I'm running around the A-flag containers without even noticing that the enemy is burning and capping it. A tank? Was that a tank? I can't see... oh look! A big glowing square with a dot in it, it IS a tank! And it's designated! And I've got a Javelin!

Soflams. I love them. Saved my drunk ass.
I ended up somewhere in the middle of the scoreboard, went 13-4, got an antivehicle and a flag defender and realised that the only thing working for me was that nothing really got me stressed. And that I happened to be on the better team.
Then your happy drunk went 65-35 on Metro, MVP 3. Like I said, some things you just do automatically. Like chasing people fron the Ticket hall-flag.

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